Band knife cutting machine price
PUBLISHED : 2019-05-30
As global demand for CNC machined products grows and changes, the band knife cutting machine price is constant increase.
Robotics - more than just mills and lathes, CNC is increasingly being applied to industrial robotics. In some factories, machines not only handle tasks like cutting and welding, but also transportation and assembly.
3D Printing - both a competitor to CNC machining and a complementary process, industrial 3D printing is also growing rapidly. While machining is a subtractive process–starting with solid stock and cutting away material to form a shape–3D printing is additive. In many cases, designers can 3D print a prototype, and use it as a pattern to configure CNC equipment. In other cases, products can be accurately and precisely 3D printed straight from design software.

At-Home CNC - The market for DIY CNC kits and inexpensive CNC machinery has grown exponentially over the past few decades. While they don't offer anything new in terms of processes, these at-home CNC stations make product development easier, faster and cheaper than ever. With the financial burden of metalworking vastly decreased, there's no telling what inventive products might come out of a hobbyist's garage.

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