Automatic multi-ply cutting machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-05-31
Automatic multi-ply cutting machine features:
-Quick change knife and sharpening disc
-Reciprocating knife provides precise vertical stroke cutting
-Precision knife control software ensures quality cuts from top to bottom ply
-Cutting up to 1.18 in. (3 cm) of compressed material
-Single coated diamond disc provides the perfect cutting edge.
 -AOL can be adjusted to user defined angle.
-High-speed-single or dual pneumatic drills
-Internal crank cooling system reduces heat and wear/tear
-Easy access to knife system and assembly parts simplifies daily maintenance procedures
-Direct drive knife system for fewer moving parts and less wear and tear
-Blade wear monitor
-Control of corners to minimize fuzing
-Power consumption reduced through intelligent vacuum controls
-Easy to replace, the bristle blocks used in cutting area
-Washable filters
-Internal silencer