Automatic Fabric Cutting Table Machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-09-19

The new automatic fabric cutting table machines were first installed in Pakista. Before installation, the cutting room had 90 people cutting 50,000 units in a day. Director explains that the company was already, “very happy users of AOL. He demonstrated their cutting room expertise by helping us engineer another vendor’s cutting system before we even considered adopting AOLcut for automatic fabric cutting.

Implementation included training personnel for raw material handling, spreading, cutting, and bundling. On the first day of installation, 14 people were able to cut the same number of units (50,000), and within weeks the same configuration increased productivity to between 65,000 and 75,000 units per day.

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He continues, “My suggestion is to listen to AOL’s expertise. Our expectations for the AOL-CUT system (and its automatic fabric cutting table machine) were exceeded by far, but they never surprised us with extra hidden expenses.” AOL is known throughout the apparel industry for their personal customer service and transparent value models.