Automatic cardboard cutting machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-04-26
The main features of Corrugated Cardboard Machine and box making equipment are as follows:
1. The width is high and the width is up to 2.5m, and the design speed is 265m/min.
2. High degree of automation, fast feedback, and fault self-test function, easy for computer management.
3. High manufacturing precision and high quality. For example, the American Magui company's slitting knife adjustment mechanism can be adjusted to the specified position within one second with an error of only ±1mm.
4. More functions and adaptability. Most foreign tile lines increase or decrease certain functions according to user needs, making them suitable for different users.
5. High technical content. In the positive pressure quick change corrugating roller technology, corrugating roller manufacturing process technology, frequency control, programmable controller and automatic tension adjustment, automatic paper picking, automatic rectification, automatic knife adjustment, gap positioning, fault self-test, etc. Higher technical content.