The cheapest cutting machine engraving machine for the Global Shopping Carnival
PUBLISHED : 2018-11-08

AOL gives you the cheapest cutting machine and engraving machine in China Double Eleven Shopping Carnival!

There are still three days to go to the China Double Eleven Shopping Carnival. AOL CNC will certainly not miss this grand event.

AOL CNC will carry out a one-month promotion during the period 11.12-12.12. The activities include AOL-1625 automotive interior cutting machine, AOL-1390 laser cutting engraving machine and 2D/3D crystal laser engraving machine. The activities are as follows:

1. The original price of 17500$ AOL-1625 vibrating knife single head cutting machine activity price only needs 13800$, and then send the value of ¥ 5000-10000 vibrating knife cutting machine accessories.

Car interior cutting machine direct access:

2. The original price of 3800$ AOL-1390 laser cutting engraving machine activities only need 3430$, and then send the value of ¥ 1500-2000 laser cutting engraving machine accessories.

AOL-1390 laser cutting engraving machine direct access:

3. The original price of 17000$ 2D/3D laser crystal engraving machine activity price only needs 14800$, and give 50 pieces of crystal blocks for engraving.

2D/3D crystal laser engraving machine direct access:

The number of machines in this event is limited to 80 units. Please don't hesitate to act. If you feel the heart, please act now!

If you need it, please leave a message to us under the relevant event products and enjoy the most affordable event price!

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