Acrylic cnc cutting machine
PUBLISHED : 2019-05-10
Until now, there was no alternative to expensive natural or industrial diamond-coated polishing end mills for glossy machining of transparent plastics such as acrylics or plexiglass.
AOL now offers cost effective alternatives to diamond-tipped polishing end mills. With the new series of polished milling tools,AOL helps you to achieve highly transparent milling results at a remarkably low cost.
Along with a polished flute, these tools feature a completely new cutting geometry designed with much more acute cutting angles that are significantly sharper compared to conventional tools. This provides both quality and cost advantages! Depending on the application, the quality of the cut, eliminates the need for post-processing or reduces it to an absolute minimum. You save time and significantly reduce your cost per piece!

In addition to our proven single-flute end mills with polished flutes, AOL now offers a wide range of form end mills. These polished milling tools allow achieving highly transparent milling results for the most diverse applications. Just try them out!